Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chemo treatment 7 week in review

This past Monday, I received my 7th chemo infusion. As usual, Steve and I started off the day with a run. It was lovely and we covered 10 miles. I am finding that I get winded very easily these days. Hills that I used to breeze up can now leave me gasping for air or dizzy. Sometimes I just walk up the hills. I am having to slow down and adjust but I am still running and covering ground. 
    The infusion itself went smoothly. I came home and tried to take a nap but my neighbors dogs were all barking and then another neighbor decided to serenade me with very loud music. Sleep seems elusive these days. Riley had a track scrimmage but I was too worn out to attend. It makes me very sad to miss my kids' activities. Fortunately Steve was able to attend and cheer her on for me. 
     The first two cycles I had some unexpected side effects crop up and I wondered what this cycle would bring. So far, all I have experienced this cycle is nausea and the severe fatigue. It does seem that Wednesday seems to be the worst day for fatigue for me. Still I managed to keep up with my obligations and get in a few running dates with my friends. By Friday of this week, I was thinking, "I really don't feel too bad. I feel kind of ok!" Any time I more or less feel ok, it's a happy occasion. 
    On Friday I got my Brooks running Run Happy team gear. Everything looks amazing and fits perfectly. I am excited to be a part of the Boulder Running Company/Colorado Springs brooks run happy team. 
In happy family news, Riley got to run in her first varsity track meet this weekend. I am proud of her for working hard and for learning to put forth her best efforts even when her lungs and legs may be screaming at her to stop. No matter where her running takes her in life, the lessons of hard work and perserverence will always stay with her. 
    Tomorrow is chemo infusion #8. But first, I will run. 

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