Saturday, September 27, 2014

Race day morning

I am up though not quite ready to go. Today is race day. We will be out the door soon. I am a little nervous. I feel like when I had surgery months ago, I went to sleep as Tonia, in brain and body, but woke up with someone else's body that I have been trying to live in ever since. I will be running 50 miles today with that different body. Whereas I usually had a good sense of how my body would react to certain stresses, I am not sure how this new body will handle today's race. I am not sure how my body will respond to all of the stressors it will face today. My digestive tract is not the same as it once was and running ultras can be a real challenge with digestion is not functioning properly.  It is going to be very hot and I do not handle heat as well as I used to. Nevertheless, I am going to get out on the trail and give it my best shot. I hope my best is good enough for finishing 50 miles while having fun along the way. Will post an update on the other side.

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