Monday, January 27, 2014

Heading into infusion #3

Last week was a definitely challenge. This past week's motto has been "run when you can. Walk when you can't run. Crawl if you must. Rest when necessary. Above all, never, ever give up!" There have been days of lying in bed this week. There was a day in the hospital. There have been days of walking because I was too sick or in too much pain to run. There have been days where I did a pretty pathetic combination of run/jog/shuffle/walk. I went from somewhere in the 65-70 mile week range the week before to 22 miles this week, and more than half of that was walking. I got out last Sunday, then did not even attempt to go out again until Friday. I walked after my blood draw on Friday. Saturday, I tried to run but did more walking than running. Thank goodness for friends who are willing to slow down for me right now because I am hard on myself for not being able to run.
   Sunday I got in 8 miles. Maybe three of that was running. It was physically not particularly pleasant, but at least the weather was nice. Here I am finishing my 8 mile run/shuffle/walk yesterday, wearing my Run or Die shirt.
   Today I am still having some digestive issues. My digestive tract is still angry and I feel slightly nauseous. I am tired. I have infusion #3 this afternoon. Hoping this week is a little more forgiving. After today, I will be 1/6th of the way through my chemo treatments.

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